TUCSIN Tsumkwe’s new Training Manager

TUCSIN welcomes, Alexandra Parrs as TUCSIN Tsumkwe’s new Training Manager

She succeeds Mr Bruce Parcher who worked for TUCSIN for more than 5 years. Oma Leon Tsamkgao, previously employed Guide at TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge, will act as her assistant.

Alexandra Parrs, is a French/American Sociologist with a Ph.D. from Paris Diderot University. As an academic, she taught in Burma, the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Brussels, Washington, and Paris. Much of her work focused on marginalized communities, both as a researcher and an educator with Dom and Nubian communities in Cairo and refugees in Cairo, Rangoon, and Brussels.

Dr Parrs has been in Namibia for one year now, and she has developed an affinity for the San communities. She is particularly interested in how they have been represented in museums and literature. She’s also interested in gender relations, which has been one of her research focuses over the years. She’s an educator with a deep knowledge of educational processes, and as a trained sociologist who can conduct the appropriate research to figure out how to better support a cultural group. Her aim is to continue former Training Manager Bruce Parcher’s monumental work, focusing on education, cultural preservation, and empowerment of Ju/‘hoan communities.

Oma Leon Tsamkgao and Dr Parrs recently started a COVID-19 TASK Force, involving TUCSIN, the Traditional Authority, the Nyae Nyae Conservancy and the Ministry of Health (see San Covid-19 Relief Fund).

Oma Leon Tsamkgao, Project Coordinator

During his youth Leon worked with John Marshall who dedicated his life to making films of the Ju/’hoansi. Later, Leon became a professional guide for tourists and developed an immense knowledge of the environment and the cultures of people living in the area.

Being the son of the traditional leader, Chief Bobo, he is well connected to different stakeholders in the Tsumkwe region. At the same time, he feels obliged in strengthening the Tsumkwe community by working for years with and for the Ju/’hoansi community, participating in many educational and cultural projects.