Promoting Research – a Press Release

Tracking in Caves

Our staff member Tsamkxao Ciqae will join the up-coming International Conference in the Neanderthal Museum and the Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology – African Archaeology on PREHISTORIC HUMAN TRACKS – May 11-13, 2017,  Mettmann & Cologne, Germany

TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge - Tour Guide
Tsamkxao during his regular job

The background:

“This project, labelled Tracking in Caves, started in 2013 with the purpose to better understand the late Pleistocene* human footprints that can be found in some of the caves with rock art in southern France. For this research assistance and expertise was sought among the Ju/’hoansi San of the Namibian Kalahari. Three professional, indigenous trackers were invited to Europe and contributed substantially to the research in the caves.”

* The footprints are about 17,000 years old.

Tsamkxao Tuc d’Audoubert
Tsamkxao in the Grotto of Tuc d’Audoubert, ©tracking-in-caves
Grotto of Niaux, discussing tracks
Thui Thao, Ui Kxunta & Tsamkxao Ciqae, Grotto of Niaux, ©tracking-in-caves

The participating experts come from: Asia, Australia, Europe, South & North America and Southern Africa – see here the program:  


A visualization can be seen at U-Tube (in German)