September 2016:

This is our new blog of the TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge (TTL).

We present news about steps of progress as well as background information.

- In March the educationalist Bruce Parcher, well experienced and acknowledged in the teaching field, became head of the TUCSIN Tsumkwe Training Program. He immediately started a Hospitality Training Program addressing the staff at the Lodge. From 2017 onwards also participants from outside will take part.

- In July repair work has been started to improve the cabins one by one as well as the construction of a new, fully-equipped training kitchen. This work is combined with an Apprenticeship Training Program in in construction work. Visitors will hardly be disturbed by these activities.

- In August Bruce Parcher held a workshop for local San-teachers giving classes within the new Cultural Class Program from September onwards.

- 13th - 16th of September: A workshop in Tsumkwe deals with the interaction of national and international genetics researchers with regard to the local population. The project will be co-ordinated on behalf of SASI (South African San Institute).