Maltas Inspires Young Talents in Tsumkwe

Republikein 5/4/2017, Tsumkwe:

“The prestigious Maltas Club Namibia joined forces with Lark Journeys Namibia last week and held a three-day extensive workshop on leadership and personal development. The purpose of this workshop was to educate pupils on basic life skills, which are vital for them to succeed at school. Approximately 50 pupils from Grades 8 to 12 took part in this workshop.”    read more

One of the participating educationists was Dr Wilfred April, TUCSIN Alumnus: “It was the most rewarding learning experience. We loved the students. So much hope, possibilities, dreams and talent. (…) We also loved your lodge.”

Maltas Club & TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge
Posing after the farewell dinner at the TUCSIN TSUMKWE Lodge