Inauguration of the Chief Bobo Livelihood Center

New chances for Tsumkwe:

On Sunday, January 16th, 2022 the Chief Bobo Livelihood Center (CBLC) was inaugurated at the TUCSIN Lodge in Tsumkwe. This inspiring project was initiated by Chief Bobo, head of the Traditional Authority, in a desire to empower the San community and allow them to increase their ability to live from their own income.

The German-Namibian NGO Ubuntu-Namibia and the German BMZ funded the building and will financially support the first training. TUCSIN implemented the project and is running the CBLC. All courses will be designed according to the need of the community in Tsumkwe, be it business, conservation agriculture, tourism or animal welfare. This innovative centre offers particular classes to women entrepreneurs and youth with a vision.

The inauguration was attended by the Ubuntu-Namibia Board, Chief Bobo and community members as well as TUCSIN.
TUCSIN Tsumkwe: Chief Bobo Livelihood Center