Alternative Route to the TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge

Through the Omaheke – Eastern Namibia – as driven on 26/9/2016

Normally visitors approach TUCSIN’s Tsumkwe Lodge via Grootfontein or even from Rundu via the B8 and C44. As a rule their return trip follows the same route, unless they choose to continue on to Botswana. Being Namibia fans, we three Germans (Martin, Sabine and Cornelia) asked ourselves: Why not try the eastern approach?

The route from Gobabis to Tsumkwe via Drimiopsis, Epukiro and Gam is a total of 456km (C22 and C44), which we covered in 9 hours including breaks. It proved to be a far more variable route than the commonly used B1 starting from Windhoek.

To follow a comparison:

– Northern route: Windhoek-Tsumkwe on the tarred B1 and B8, C44 gravel: 708km

– Eastern route: Windhoek-Gobabis: 205km, Gobabis-Tsumkwe: 456km, in total: 661km

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By the way – the cell phone coverage was quite excellent during the trip:  In Drimiopsis, Epukiro, Otjimanangombe, (I think also) Okatumba and Gam we were exchanging sms as well as whatsapp messages.