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Cultural & Environmental Tours

Over fifteen-hundred elephants permantly reside or migrate through the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. The waterhole at the lodge is a frequent stopping point for elephants during the dry season, as well as kudu, eland, hyena and a wide variety of bird species.

TUCSIN Tsumkwe - elephant, activities
Portrait via telephoto lens
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge: Tsumkwe region elephants walking, activities
Landscape & Elephants

The cultural and environmental tours offer a wide range of experiences that allow our guests to meet the remarkable Ju/’hoan people and experience their unique culture as it exists today and from their ancient past. Our knowledgeable and experienced guides are members of the local community and can answer questions about their culture, the flora and fauna of the Eastern Kalahari and the life of San people in modern Namibia.

With its close proximity to the Nyae Nyae Pans and Khaudom National Park, TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge is in the heart of a wilderness paradise.

  • Bush walk with snaring, tracking, and collecting bushfood;
  • Craft making in the village. Create your own bow, learn the technique of “fire sticks”, how to set a snare, demonstration of the art of beading and shaping ostrich eggshell; 
  • Experience traditional dance & songs around the campfire, join in if you want;
  • Traditional hunt for meat and other food sources;
  • Prepare and taste the bushfood San collect from the veld;
  • Spend a night in the village: Traditional huts for your accommodation at the village. Bring your own ground mat and sleeping gear for the real outdoors experience. You will have a dry toilet, bucket shower and wood to make a fire or to cook your food on.
  • Compact – Half day activity for groups or guests with limited time combine all the activities listed above, except for the hunting activity.
  • Please read the full description of our activities – prices, rules and recommendations – Get to know our new 2021-program:  here    
Your Guide

Ciqae Tsamgao (Smallboy) grew up in /Aotcha village and learnt all his traditional Ju/’hoansi values, skills and practices from his father. He is a field guide with extensive experience of the bush, animals, and birds of his area. He is passionate about the preservation of the San culture and always eager to share his knowledge and heritage with his guests. He speaks and understands good English as his second language. Smallboy was part of the Ju/’hoansi team of trackers from Tsumkwe who visited France to help archaeologists identify prehistoric human tracks inside caves.

 Activities – Our Flyer 

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The tours can be combined and tailored to suit your interests.

TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge San
San Women and Men - Bush Walk
TUCSIN Tsumkwe - excursions: Baobab Tree, activities
Giant Baobab Tree in the vicinity of the lodge
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge - excursion to a village, San women. Activities
Experience the ancient and unique culture of the Ju/’hoansi.
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge Story Telling
Storytelling Event under a Baobab
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge - excursion to a village, man and child. Activities
Highly focused - man with a child.
 These activities can also be arranged for you right at the Lodge:

Just let us know your interests – it is vital to contact please in advance to your visit: reservations-tsumkwe

– Storytelling: The ancient practice of storytelling is still a nightly ritual around many village fires surrounding Tsumkwe. These stories of the past teach, entertain and help to keep the culture alive. Elders come frequently to the lodge to share stories with the children from our Culture Class Project. You are invited to join them in the early evening to observe and enjoy the tales of the Ju/’hoansi. You may also hire a storyteller for your own group or family.  

– Traditional Archery: Test your bow skills with our set of authentic, hand-crafted bows and poison-less arrows. If our tour guides are available, they would be proud to give you a few tips.

– Cultural Dance Performance: Students from our Culture Class Project are always proud to demonstrate their skills for appreciative visitors. The cultural dancers introduce and perform a range of dances and games in each performance. Proceeds are used to provide needed school supplies, uniforms and/or toiletries for the students.

– Ju/’hoan Village Immersion Tour: This package includes accommodation in a village with a host family in a traditionally constructed grass hut. You will also experience traditional food tasting, storytelling by the family fire, lessons in traditional craft production, bow and arrow construction, identifying bush foods, tracking, trapping and dance.

Your immersion experience can be one night or longer depending on your preference. Longer visits involve collecting materials for the construction of your own grass hut, a hunting expedition with the bow and arrow you made yourself, volunteering in the Village School to deliver a lesson, as well as many amazing photo opportunities. Guests need to bring along their sleeping bag. Please get in advance a quotation: reservations-tsumkwe

TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge - excursion to a village, activities
The San can no longer survive exclusively by hunting.
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge - excursion to a village, San women. Activities
San woman preparing ostrich egg beads.
TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge - excursion to a village, San products, activities
Traditional village tour: you can buy directly from the producer.