The Chief Tsemkxao #Oma and I, along with Dr Sandelowsky, and the Council of Elders have just held a conference. It was an event associated with the celebrations of TUCSIN’s 40th Anniversary under the theme “Celebrating Our Youth”.

The focus of our conference was to identify cultural skills, knowledge, values and beliefs that are critical in these modern times for children and youth to grow up as strong and healthy Ju/’hoansi, proud of who they are. These remarkable people, all of them, but especially now, these 12 elders present, have amazed me as they often do. Such wisdom, problem solving, and critical thinking would be so valuable in any education system in the “developed” world. The whole event was broadcast live for the community, and I know people will be talking about important things by the fire for many days to come.

    Bruce Parcher – Programme Manager TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge